Why .CoopUK.org?

Differentiate Your Cooperative

A distinctive name for your co-op helps it build an identity on the Internet that clearly differentiates your co-op from other businesses and organisations.  Because of its values and principles, co-ops are recognized around the world as ethical businesses and even more now than in the past.

Build your Brand

First you get people's attention by differentiating your domain.  Then you build on that attention with your special .coopUK.org domain name and the special way that you treat your members and customers.  Building a brand takes commitment and a values-based approach - but that comes naturally to a cooperative!

Add Value to Your Web Site

Specialized domain names enhance the value of your domain names by instantly telling users - in just four letters - that your business is a member-owned cooperative or credit union.  Specialised domain names such as .gov.uk and .ac.uk, have long provided legitimacy and credibility to the their web sites.  .CoopUK.org uses the same approach to give users on your site confidence in your co-op.

Increase Traffic to Your Site

Register for memorable product and services-based .coopUK.org names that will produce more hits when people search for your co-op on the web. Under .com and .coop, most simple words or phrases have already been taken - sometimes by businesses that have nothing to do with the name being held. Under .coop, the vast majority of names are still available.  So be creative and register names that reflect your co-op's image.

Reclaim Your Names

Register for all the domain names your cooperative or credit union needs for a strong online presence that aren't available in .com or other domains. Because .coopUK.org is available for use  only by UK co-ops, it gives you a better chance of registering all the memorable, meaningful names you wanted, but can't get without paying a premium price to someone holding them in other domains.  

Serve your Members and Educate your Staff

Use .coopUK.org for your members-only web site and remind your members about the value of being a member of their co-op.  Your  members-only site can be a great place to provide member news, governance services such as online voting, discussion groups and other important information and member services.  A .coopUK.org domain also helps staff remember - every time they send an email and direct someone to the web site that they are working for a special business.

Build Links with the Global Community

Cooperatives throughout the UK are registering and using .coopUK.org domain names to create a UK network of cooperatives doing business on the Internet.  Your co-op needs to be part of this community.

Annual fee for


is currently one third of .coop domains!

A Big saving