How do I use it?

You've decided to register a .coopUK.org domain name. Smart! Here's a quick rundown of other services that you might need in order to use your domain name.

If you don't have an in house IT service, then our registrars offer these services. You can also use your favourite search engine to locate literally thousands of options for any of these services.

Domain/Email Forwarding or Redirection?

You can use your new domain right away if you already have an existing web site or email service by using domain or email forwarding.  These simply point someone using your .coopUK.org domain address to the existing site or email.

DNS Hosting/Servers?

If you're setting up your site for the first time, you'll generally need to secure DNS Hosting. But it is typically included in an Email or Web Hosting package or they can be purchased from your Internet Service Provider, your Registrar or through many sites on the web.

Email Hosting?

If you do not already have Email Accounts, you will need to secure Email Hosting which will allow you to provide email accounts for those associated with your coop or coop organisation. Large organisations typically have their own Email servers or computers to maintain their email accounts but you can also use a service provider or even get email accounts for free.

Most registrars offer Email Hosting packages which allow you to use computers that they own to access and maintain your email messages.

Web Hosting?

If you don't already have a web site, there are many options for where you can "host" or store your web site. Large organisations usually have their own servers or computers where this information is maintained. In addition, if someone is developing a web site for you, they typically will have hosting services that you can purchase from them as part of the maintenance of your web site. There are even services that provide free web site hosting if you just have some basic information that you want to make available on the web.

Besides considering the cost and the amount of space (typically in Gigabytes) that is provided, you also need to consider what tools are supported or provided with the hosting package.  Carefully compare web hosting packages on these and other areas such as trial periods, support access and, of course, cost before selecting your hosting package.

Help! I'm Confused!

If you're new to setting up a web site or email, contact us and we'll be happy to discuss your needs with you. We can get you started with potential options to consider so that you can get the most value out of your .coopUK.org domain right away. After all, education's one of the cooperative principles, isn't it?

And that's what makes .coopUK.org different!