Accredited registrars

The following registrars are accredited with .coopUK to register .coopUK.org domain names. To go to the registrar's site click on their logo.

Everlevel ltd is a worldwide domain name registrar founded in 1992.

Everlevel ltd provides more than 300 extensions and has become a leader in the industy of domain names.

Everlevel ltd covers all aspects of the industry:
with their own DNS, VoIP, and web hosting servers.
the primary market with its large panel of extensions worldwide;
the secondary market targeting domain name investment and auctioning

and the domain name recovery side with DomainRecovery.com, which provides an online step-by-step solution to the domain recovery needs.

By strongly participating in leading industry forums,
Everlevel ltd seeks to promote e-Commerce and wider Internet adoption.